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"Did you have a good look?" I added with a bit of sarcasm, which she ignored.
Closing off the conversation from her point of view she quipped: "Just get them to use the bathroom."
I laughed and repeated: "You were watching."
She gave up a turned back to the sink giving me a perfect view of the tight shorts covering her ass. The distinct panty line showed that beneath the shorts was something skimpy. I took in the view, enjoying the tight pink shorts and imagining what was underneath them. I'd never looked at her like that before and it was a strange feeling.
"Anyhow," I said not wanting to dismiss the idea that she'd been watching all of us as we went around the lemon tree, "Jimmy says it's good for the tree, adds acid to the soil."
"Jimmy," she said turning around, her hands on her hips and the tee shirt hugging her tits, showing that while they might be small they were firm and looked good. "Well, you'd expect Jimmy to say that. He's always got an angle."
By now we were both laughing and I relaxed knowing that she was not about to throw drama about where we had pissed. She seemed more playful than usual, perhaps even a little coquettish, something I'd not seen before.
"But I think," she added, unable to give away making her point, "you'd better get the hose out." There was a smile more like a smirk when she finished her point with: "You can dilute some of that acid. Too much and you might kill the tree."
With nothing left to banter, I nodded. But before I did go outside, I slipped into my bedroom and, on some inexplicable impulse, I took off both my shorts and boxers and only put my shorts back on. That my cock was almost free of restraint was both sensual and erotic. I didn't know why I did it but I just did. It may have been the effects of the beer or the sun or maybe I just wanted to feel the unrestrained freedom. After that I went outside to grab the hose and do what she'd asked.
I was liberally hosing around the edge of the lemon tree when she came out of the house and, in another surprise, she grabbed one of the remaining bottles of beer out of the ice box. Twisting off the top she settled into one of the chairs and sipped the beer as she watched me.
"You know," she said, resting the cold bottle on her thigh, "when I was a kid we used to play under the hose on hot days. It was the only way to keep cool."
"You used to hose me when I was younger," I replied. "I remember that. Also, running under the sprinkler."
"Better than a swimming pool," she said, "although we were never able to afford a pool."
Holding the hose where the water was coming out in a soft spray I looked at her and smiled.
"What?" she asked.
"Stand up," I suggested.
"Because I want to relive a bit of my younger days and yours."
She looked at me a little quizzically and then she did stand up and towards where I was standing, the beer in her hand by her side.
Without waiting I turned the hose on her, spraying, at first, from her waist down. She squealed, jumped up and down and turned around. The spray raked across the back of her shorts. Her shorts were wet and clinging as she turned around.
"You monster," she said, smiling.
"It'll cool you down," I answered back quickly.
She laughed as the spray played across her feet. I then raised the hose so that her tee shirt experienced the soft spray, dampening down the cotton. She did a full circle and then faced me.
The wet tee shirt not only showed clearly the outline of her tits but the hard points of her nipples, which jutting out, dark against the white cotton. The wet pink shorts clung to her almost like spandex, showing the outline of her panties. The sight was totally erotic and my cock began to respond. She was arousing me.
"It does feel cool," she said, looking directly at me. "At least, and for this you're lucky, you didn't wet my hair. If you had, you'd be in real trouble.

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"My turn now," Mindy told Roy when he'd finished sucking Joan's lust-engorged nipples.
Mindy got around in front of her mother and started easing off her dress. Joan used all her strength to try to break free, but the boys held her down. Next came her panties. She whimpered in protest, then blushed furiously, as Mindy whisked off the lacy garment and tossed it aside. The kids studied their mother's slim, sexy body.
"Oh, wow," Mindy breathed enviously.
She wished she had her mother's big full breasts, lush dark bush, and curvy rounded hips. Eddie and Roy were wide-eyed with lust. Joan was practically dying with embarrassment, but there was nothing she could do but lie there and take it. She just hoped she could keep her lust hidden till the kids had gotten tired of playing with her. She stiffened as Mindy started pushing her legs apart.
"Mindy, no," she snapped, "absolutely not."
"Aw, come on, Mom," Mindy smiled, "have some fun for a change."
That really hit home with Joan. When did she and Ben ever have fun? It was as if they'd been raised not to believe in it. Even their sex was no fun. It was grim, guilty, and hurried, but it wasn't fun. Joan hadn't realized what fun sex could be till she'd spied on her own children.
Mindy pushed her legs wide open, revealing the moist rosy flesh of her pussy and the fringe of brown curls. She went right for Joan's clit, grasping it between her thumb and forefinger, kneading it. Joan just managed to smother the lusty whimper that rose to her lips. It felt marvelous to have her clit rubbed and rolled like that... even by her own daughter!
"Admit it, Mom," Mindy leered. "you love it!"
Joan shook her head violently, but Mindy knew she was lying. She could feel the hot, sticky cream drooling from her mother's cunt, and she knew no woman could hide that obvious sign of arousal. Mindy rubbed her mother's throbbing joy button faster, and more thick hot pussy-cream soaked her fingers. She'd succeeded in turning her mother on, and now all she had to do was get her to admit it.
"Eddie, go down on her," she instructed.
"Hey, all right," Eddie cried.
Mindy scooted out of his way, and crawled between his mother's legs, lowering his face right down into to her glistening, pink pussy-slit. Joan knew this was going to be the supreme test of her self-control. When she'd watched the kids through the keyhole, the thing that had excited her most was the pussy-eating. Deep down, she knew she'd adore to have that done to her. Well, now it was going to happen, only she didn't dare admit her enjoyment.
"Uuuuuunnnhhhh," she gasped.
Suddenly Eddie was raking his big hot tongue up and down over the swollen flesh of her gaping slit, giving Joan the most exquisite sensations she'd ever known. She felt her whole body flushing with arousal, and her face twisted into a horny grimace. She managed to keep quiet, but that was about all. To her humiliation, she creamed right into her son's mouth.
"Yeah, Mom," he chuckled, "you love that, don't you? Mmmmmmm, you taste good, too! I'm gonna lick your pussy till you come!"
Joan moaned hoarsely, knowing she wouldn't be able to keep quiet if he did that. It was enough of a struggle right now. Her son was dragging his long, stiff tongue through her juicy slit, and it felt marvelous. Then he zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, the erect and pulsing bud of her clit, already hotly stimulated by Mindy's skillful fingers.
As Eddie's tongue touched her throbbing clit, Joan almost flew off the bed. He used the stiffened tip of his tongue to flick and lash the ultra-sensitive bud, and it was the most wonderful feeling she'd ever known. Her cunt drooled helplessly, the musky liquid soaking his bobbing chin. Despite her embarrassment and guilt, Joan knew she was doomed. She wanted this incredible pleasure to go on and on... she wanted her own son to suck her cunt!
"Go with it, Mom," Mindy urged from behind her, "you know you love it."
"Nooooooo," Joan murmured.
But the husky excitement in her voice told the kids she was lying. Mindy knew her mother was on the point of losing all self-control. Eddie was very close to pushing his normally stern and puritanical mother over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm!
Mindy watched intently, because everything depended on her brother's efforts. He was an expert pussy eater, as their mother was finding out. Mindy hoped he was so good, she'd soon be begging for more.
Eddie's glistening tongue was lashing up and down over Joan's incredibly-aroused little joy button, sending blast after blast of delicious pleasure through her naked, writhing loins. The sensations were so intense, she had her teeth clenched, struggling not to cry out. But Eddie seemed to sense his mother's resistance. It was time to hot up the tongue action a bit.
"Ohhhhh, God, unnnhhhhh," Moan gasped.
Eddie had made his tongue long and stiff, and he was sliding it up her cunt. The sensation was exquisite. It was more than Joan could take. She began to whimper lustily as her son probed deep into her cunt with the pointy tip of his tongue. Her husband had never gone down on her in all their married life, and she just wasn't prepared for the incredible pleasure she was feeling right now. The last of her mental defences simply melted away.
"Ohhhhh, yessss," she whimpered, "Lick me! Poke your tongue inside my pussy, honey... all of it... uuuuuuuhhh, don't stop!"
Eddie glanced up at Mindy and saw that she was grinning broadly. They'd won! Mom had admitted her pleasure, and now she wouldn't dare tell their Dad what they'd been up to. She couldn't, because she was part of it now. Her pretty face twisted into lusty contortions as Eddie began to tongue-fuck his beautiful mother in earnest. He pistoned the stiff meat hard and deep in her famished slot, and she wailed with delight.
"Unnnnnhhh, God, yes," she moaned, "do it to me, baby! Lick Mommy's cunt! Make me come... oooooohh, I need it so bad!"
Mindy felt all the tension leaving her body. It had been a bit scary there at first, but now that they'd `persuaded' Mom into joining their family fun, they were safe.... or so she thought. None of them had the faintest idea that at that very moment, their father was about to make an entrance of his own.
Ben Masters had planned a big surprise for his family that Friday afternoon. He'd just gotten a promotion and a raise, and he intended to celebrate by taking them all out for a fancy dinner. His boss had allowed him to leave work early, giving him the rest of the day off to celebrate with his family. Ben entered the house humming happily to himself.
He could hardly wait to tell Joan and the kids the good news. But to his surprise, there didn't seem to be anybody around. Down-stairs was empty. Where the hell could everybody be?
Ben suddenly heard faint, muffled sounds coming from upstairs, so he went up to investigate. There were sounds, all right, really strange ones, and they were coming from the master bedroom. It sounded like a woman moaning in pain!
Alarmed, Ben went silently to the door, knelt and peered through the keyhole. Later he figured it was as close as he'd ever come to having a heart attack. His eyes took in clearly what was happening on the king-size bed, but his mind refused to believe what he saw! It looked exactly as if Joan and their three kids were having a sex orgy.
"Ridiculous," Ben muttered, rubbing his eyes.
He must have been working too hard lately to have a fantasy like that. He looked again, but saw exactly the same thing as before. His whole family was naked on the bed, and Eddie was going down on Joan while Mindy and Roy watched. This time Ben couldn't deny the evidence of his own eyes. But his mind still reeled in shock at what he saw.