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%trump1%quot;Cock?%trump1%quot; Lindsey said, raising her eyebrows at me.

The drive to port took just an hour. Sara parked the car and they unloaded their luggage. The boarding process was a breeze and they were soon met by a porter who would escort them to their suite. He looked at the room number which he knew was the lover's suite and then looked at Sara and Jack. Attractive couple he thought but the guy looks a little young. Since he depended on tips he simply smiled and said, "This way Mr. and Mrs. Blake."
Sara and Jack simply smiled at each other. Those thoughts were running though his head again.
When they entered the suite they were impressed. Fresh flowers and a chilled bottle of champagne were on a small table. The porter offered to pop the cork on the champagne. Meanwhile mother and son took a quick tour of the suite. In the main room there was a small couch, desk and a wet bar. When they entered the bedroom, Jack's eyes popped open. There was just one bed and there were mirrors on the ceiling. She laughed at Jack's reaction and in a soft voice reminded him; "Sweetie this is the 'lovers suite' and we are supposed to be getting married in two day."
"Seriously mom, where am I supposed to sleep. The couch out there is way too small."
"Don't worry, Jack. That bed is big enough for both of us. I just hope you don't snore. You’re my handsome son and I don't mind sleeping in the same bed if you don't mind. You said you would help me fulfill my dream as much as you could."
Jack looked into his mom's beautiful green eyes that were pleading for him to say yes. Jack couldn't refuse his mom and said "Well I guess you have a sleeping companion for this cruise."
When they returned, the porter had poured two glasses of champagne. Sara gave him a generous tip and mother and son were left alone together in the lover's suite. Sara gulped down her glass and urged Jack to try a few sips. He really didn't care much for the drink but his mom obviously did and she poured herself a second and then a third drink.
Sara was feeling good by now and suggested that they check out the hot tub in the bedroom. "I'll change in the bathroom and you can slip into your trucks right here. She dashed into the bathroom while he dug out his trunks and slipped them on. In a few minutes Sara emerged wearing the thong bikini she wore in the picture taken in Mexico. That image had provided him with hours of masturbation pleasure. Now the real woman, his mom, was in front of him. He couldn't stop staring at the perfect c cup breasts approaching him.
"Hey, sweetie, do you like what you see?" asked Sara.
"Mom, you are so beautiful and you have such a perfect body."
A tent was quickly emerging under his trunks. "Jack it's nice to know that I can still arouse a handsome man even if he is my son."
Sara grabbed his hand and they stepped together into the bubbling hot tub. After they sat down she leaned over and gave Jack a kiss that lasted for more than a few seconds.
"Jack thanks for helping me carry out my dream by playing the role of fiancé. But I think for the rest of the cruise you should call me Sara. It will help me think I am really about to be married and people may wonder why a mom and son are sharing the 'lovers suite'. She leaned over again for a kiss and at the same time stroked his cock a few times through his trunks. "This is just a small thank you from a very happy mom."
Jack didn't know what to think or say. He finally managed to say, "Thank you Sara."
They spent the next hour talking about the cruise and the ports they would be visiting. Finally, Sara noticed the time on the clock with a look of panic. "Oh my God, we are going to be late for our dinner sitting and we still haven't shower. No time to waste. We'll shower together." She grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom.
"But mom… I mean Sara. Moms and sons don't take showers together."
"Well, when you were a little boy, we took showers together all the time. There is nothing to see I haven't seen before. And if you'll remember, you used to see me naked all the time."
Jack complied and stripped off his trunks while Sara popped out of her thong bikini. Sara's breasts were amazing and she had obviously shaved her pussy clean in anticipation of her honeymoon. "Come on, sweetie we have to make this fast if we are going to eat dinner." She pulled him into the warm water of the shower. Jack was in an incestuous haze. Once again his cock went hard.
"Jack, I don't know what we're going to do about your cock. Do you think you could jerk off now in the shower so we can enjoy dinner?"
"Ok Sara if you don't mind." So he started stroking his cock. He knew Sara was in a hurry so he increased his stroke rate. "Sara, this a pretty small shower. I might get some cum on you."
"That's all right Jack. I am very used to cum on my body."
Those words were enough for him to ejaculate stream after stream of cum onto Sara's breasts.
"Good job sweetie. You have some real potential."
Relieved Jack was able to lather, rinse and join Sara who was drying off in the bedroom. They quickly dressed and headed to the dining room holding hands. When the maître de asked for their room number, Jack assumed the role of husband and replied, "We are in the 'lovers' suite." He was a bit surprised that this rather young looking man could actually be married to this gorgeous woman. But his role was not to question and he seated them at a table for two.