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Putting his finger to his lips Barry motioned for him to come over where he was standing, but to leave Darla there.

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His cousins had been the first girls he had every kissed but after Nicky had caught them practicing making out in the tree house she decided to show Kat and Candy how to really kiss a boy and used him to do it. Best afternoon he ever spent in that treehouse not counting the one Nicky forgot to close her shades. So she had been his first kiss, at least with tongue anyways. She, of course, made all of them promise not to tell. Nicky hadn't been the first woman he had seen naked, but she was the first one to flash her tits at him to cheer him up; he couldn't remember what for though now. And the first girl he had ever gotten to second base with, which was an accident or so he swore to this day. She was also his version of encyclopedia erotica, answering the questions he was too embarrassed to ask mom and dad, at least until they got internet. Looking back he had spent a lot of nights thinking about her while he discovered the joys of masturbation.
"Hey Tiger." Nicky said as she gave him a little peck and hugging him as best she could, turning sideways as her belly rubbed against him, one of her tits pressing against his chest. He could feel her hard nipple rubbing against him. "
"Hey Jo-Jo." Nicky said as she let him go and turned toward Jo. "Still hanging with this loser?" She said as she plopped down on the couch next to Jo where he had been sitting. He thought her breasts would pop out of her shirt as they jiggled about on her belly. As she sat he caught a glimpse up her boxers of her vulva before she closed her legs and folded them under her. She leaned in and gave Jo a quick peck on the cheek. "So what are we looking at?" She asked looking at the camera. Alex walked around sitting behind her and looking over her shoulder.
"Pictures from college." Jo smiled as she turned the phone so his sis could see as well. He noticed as she did so, that Jo peeked over at his sister's breasts as her eyes were on the phone.
"Alex would you be a dear and bring me some juice sweetie." Nicky smiled looking back at him and touched his arm. He swore his sister arched her back as she did to make her boobs perk up. Their mom had told his sisters a long time ago that you can get a lot with a kind word, but a kind word and big boobs will get you more. He swore the police department made a habit out of pulling his sister over to give her warnings, just so they could look at her boobs.
"Yes ma'am." Alex smiled and walked away looking back at Jo quite content as his mom and his sister leaned in, their tits rubbing against her arms. He walked into the kitchen giving his crotch a little rub. It had been a while since he had seen his sis, not since his dad's funeral, but she looked damn good even knocked up. The baby had been an accident unlike his baby sister, and she had moved back home after breaking up with the father who wasn't ready to be a father. Alex brought her a glass of juice and as he came up he saw her smile at him. When she took the glass from him, her fingers brushed against his hand.
"Nice ass bubba." Nicky said, Alex noticed the picture Jo had taken of him streaking. Luckily it was from behind.
"I thought you said you deleted that." Alex said.
"No I said I was going to delete it, I didn't say I wasn't going to show your mom and sisters first." Jo teased as his mom and sister giggled. At least he knew for sure she had deleted the other one of his junk bouncing in the wind.
Jo flipped to the next picture they had taken, together with his arm around Jo's shoulder and his hand on her tit with her pointing down at his cock off camera and smiling. Jo had gone as well but had worn pasties and panties. Though she had lost one halfway through the race which was why his hand was on her boob in the picture.
"So neither of you brought any girlfriends home yet." His sis said looking between them.
"I thought you got her out of the trunk?" Jo grinned looking at him, his mom giving her a little slap on the arm.
"No nothing serious enough to bring home yet. I half debated leaving her there." Alex pointed at Jo who shook her head at him. His sister took a drink of her juice before sitting it down on the coffee table and leaned back stretching a bit. As she raised her arms up, her shirt did the same and the bottoms of her boobs began to peek out from underneath flashing a bit of her caramel areolas.
"You may not want to wear that shirt around your brother, unless you want him to see your tits." His mom said laughing.
"He will be seeing them sooner or later when the little one gets here by the end of the summer. Plus as many nip slips and what not I have had over the years, I don't think seeing my tits would be anything new to Alex." Sis tugged her shirt down and smiled at him. Alex's mind went back to the year of the slip and slide, big boobs plus old bikini plus slip and slide equaled embarrassed sister holding her bouncing tits as she ran back to the house. Ah memories.
His sister reached up and rubbed her shoulder.
"Shoulder bugging you?" Alex asked.
"Actually my back." She rolled her shoulders and arched her back a bit.
"May I?" He put his hands on her shoulders.
"Knock yourself out sweetie." Nicky said turning slightly, readjusting herself on the couch. As she did he couldn't help but notice her nice round bubble butt, which had grown along with her boobs, stretching the girl boxers they rode a little low showing a lot of butt cleavage. He sat on the arm of the couch and began to caress the soft flesh. She let out a soft moan as she rolled her neck.
"Trouble sleeping." Alex said as he looked down. From where he was standing, gave him a nice view down her shirt to the cleavage of her breasts. His hands played at her shoulders, and the fabric moved about giving him a peek at her breasts. He could feel a slight arousal in his crotch. He had to resist the urge to "accidently" let one of the straps slide off her shoulder though as snug as the shirt was around the bust he doubted he see anything.
"You mean other than your niece the soccer player who thinks my kidney is a ball." His sister said with a smile as she closed her eyes enjoying his hands on her shoulders.
"I don't miss that any. Having to get up and run to the bathroom in the middle of the night." Mom said. Their attention went back to the pictures, his mom and sister teasing him with some of the pictures Jo had taken. When he could he would steal a glimpse down her top, though he noticed Jo doing it as well though she probably had a much better view from the side.
"Little lower babe." Nicky said. He moved his hands down the soft flesh of her back rubbing at the soft tissue underneath. "Right there, um, that feels good."
"I kind of miss that part of not being pregnant. He used to massage my back all the time." Mom playfully pouted at him.
"Well how about a massage later." He smiled more than happy to put his hands on his mom's voluptuous body.